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Hi! We Are Matt And Kelli – Western Mass Natives

We are a husband & wife team who are more than just house buyers in Western Mass area. We love real estate, and are passionate about improving Western Mass neighborhoods.  Matt and Kelli were born & raised in Western Mass, and having spent most of their lives here, they understand the challenges that homeowners face. Your neighborhood is our neighborhood.

Real Estate At An Early Age

Matt was raised in East Springfield MA in a duplex that his parents purchased just after they got married in 1978. They were great landlords, worked with their tenants in times of need and most of all, provided an amazing home to raise their two children.  Fast forward to a warm spring day in the mid 90’s, Matt arrived home from middle school to his parents unusually excited and joyful. On that day, they had paid off their mortgage, much sooner than expected.  They celebrated by going to one of their favorite italian restaurants in Holyoke, and as for Matt, this special moment wouldn’t dawn on him until almost a decade later.  Fast forward, just after graduating from Keene State College with a degree in Occupational Safety and Health, Matt moved back home, and because the unit next door was vacant, his parents welcomed him back with open arms. Ok, maybe not, but he likes to think so.  Realizing that he wanted to follow in his parents footsteps, Matt bought his first duplex in the Old Hill section of Springfield in 2008 and his father began to “donate” his tools because he knew they were going to be needed. 

Trial By Fire

Matt and Kell met in the summer of 2008, and within a few months, Matt asked Kelli to move into a home that had not seen updates for the better part of three decades.  It took a lot of convincing to say the least. 

They immediately began ripping up the carpet in the kitchen and the bathroom, yes that was a thing during the age of Aquarius along with macramé everything and floral sofas that were for decoration only. They demoed the kitchen and bath, washed dishes in the tub, lived in complete disarray and shared a few choice words along the way. Through this experience, the ups and the downs, the laughs and lessons learned,  they were bitten by the real estate bug.

From that moment forward, our shared passion for real estate was born and it has evolved into a pretty amazing venture which has led to improving the local community that they are a part of and a deep desire to help people find the best possible solution so they can sell their home fast and with zero stress.

 Get To Know Us…

The number that is listed on this website is my direct phone number, so it’s me you’ll be speaking to when you call. It’s my goal to provide you a custom, personalized experience when you sell your house and hopefully create a lasting friendship from the process. If there is anything I can do to go above and beyond to make the process most accommodating to you, please let me know. I am happy to go the extra mile.

Matt – Chief Problem Solver + Numbers Guy + Closer

Matt runs the day to day operations and tackles anything that needs to be done. He is likely the person that you’ll be talking to when you call in and is always available to help and find the best possible solution for you.  Matt is the numbers guy which means he assesses all of the houses we buy to make sure all the numbers work out, and he is committed to  updating you throughout the transaction period until you close. 

Matt thrives using “creative strategies” to give sellers top dollar for their homes in situations where most other investors cannot help them.  His experience in quality brings a focus to the little details, which results in him finding a solution to most any problem.  His primary goal is to provide you with a real practical solution to your current real estate situation. I have no problem directing potential sellers that come to us to sell their Western Mass house fast, to another source if I feel that would be best for them. We have an extensive network of contractors, agents and friends that are industry professionals, our goal is to help you any possible even if we don’t buy your home.

Kelli –  Rehab Extraordinaire and Post Purchase Day to Day Problem Solver

Kelli takes on the research and project manager role for all of our flips and takes great pride in all aspects of design and renovation.  Kelli reviews all of the active worksites to be sure work is being done on time, as planned and as designed.  No design decision is made without her stamp of approval, whether it’s moving a door or a window, adding a bedroom, styling the bathroom, choosing the color of the kitchen cabinets or staging the home when it’s ready to be sold. In the end, she calls all of the shots.

When combining her big heart for people and her ability and drive to make her HGTV dreams come true, her passion for this business shines bright. She is supportive in all corners, but especially when it comes to caring for clients from the initial meeting all the way to walking the seller through the completed rehab. 

“Every house has a story to tell. Let us hear your story and allow us to help transition you into a new chapter in your life”

Matt & Kelli

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