How To Sell Your House With Tenants in Western Massachusetts

Do you need to sell your house with tenants in Western Massachusetts? The process can be much more difficult than a typical sale. Learn more about what to expect in our latest post!  Maybe you own an investment property in Western Massachusetts that isn’t making you money. Maybe you are tired of constant tenant turnover. … Continued

Creative Holiday Themed Open House Ideas for Western Massachusetts

If you are trying to sell a Western Massachusetts house during the winter months, you might want to incorporate a few festive touches into your open house. We have put together some creative holiday themed open house ideas to help you sell your Western Massachusetts house fast! Many people wait to list their houses until after the … Continued

Tax Tips For Selling Your Western Massachusetts House!

It’s almost that time of year… yes, tax season is almost upon us! If you are selling a house in Western Massachusetts, you will love these tax tips for selling your home! This article is for informational purposes only! For specific questions, contact a trusted tax professional, or the IRS!  Not All Profits Are Taxable … Continued